IT Transformation

Solution Summary

  • SEB provides relevant technical expertise and solutions to support an agency throughout its IT planning, implementation and sustained lifecycle.

Targeted Business Challenges

  • Lack of validated requirements / architectures that meet organizations Business Transformation Objectives.
  • Lack of structured methodologies and engineering rigor within program office to support technology insertion efforts to include Market Analysis, Requirements & Architecture Development, Integration, Independent Validation / Verification Support (IV&V).
  • Lack of standardized tools, baseline metrics and understanding of Key Performance Parameters.
  • Lack of supporting technical documentation.

Results and Outcomes

  • Extensive coordination via IPTs with Customers, Stakeholders to ensure requirements captured/validated.
  • Systems Engineering rigor applied to ensure Technology Insertion efforts meet stated requirements.
  • Structured Methodologies employed to include Project Management Plans/Dashboards, Information/Decision Papers/Briefs, Configuration/Risk Management and IV&V Plans ensures IT solutions well within Cost/Performance/Schedule targets.